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How to Start Meditating, how can we start meditating?

To some, God is sort of a Santa Claus, white beard with a golden shimmering robe, not the typical red one; also thought as St. Peter who happens to have a checklist of who's been good and who's been bad in life, right after birth. How else would he know which prayers to answer? Later, people struggled with a more basic question: is prayer heard at all? Many holds this question in their hearts and go mute; over the years, people shy away from prayer because they feel resentful about an authority figure that is obviously having an edge over them. People’s view on prayer changed when they learned and started to meditate and known the art of meditation. There are some who says; when you pray you speak to God, while when you meditate God speaks to you. Now come a profound realization, that prayer and meditations is the base of almost every religion. For Christianity beholds that the kingdom of God is within you. That God is everywhere and anything that moves along with it. In Judaism, followers believed that the Lord God is with thee whithersoever thou go. So meaning, God is with us in the same manner Christians believed that the Kingdom God is within us. Thus; Islam has this faith, that I Am is in your own soul, in every breath, is I; still the same thought. In Buddhist traditions and beliefs; every being has the Buddha nature in them; still they extend the principle that there is a source of goodness in every man, without measure and limit.
God is within every human soul; if we are to understand this, we also have to know that prayer is instantly heard. This means making prayer more effective in having what you want and what you need becomes incredibly simple. Once you realize that you are the authority figure, praying becomes something other than supplication of a tree service in Portland. It is more of self affirmation. In so doing and knowing this truth, some questions like why will more and more people pray and why aren't more prayers being answered? The truth is in the difference between intellectually inclined and the actual experience itself, it’s more on knowing than just simply believing.
“Sexual relationship is not healthy for me, but until such time that I feel and I felt for someone so strongly I was tempted to pour my heart and mind on the same idea.” Intellectually, we can fill our head with the concept of God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient; we can be assured that there is nowhere else that we can be, that God is not. It may not make sense at the moment, but we can only experience it and make some perfect significance from it as we journey in supplication. Until you experience the bliss of it, you will be able to make its awareness as a fact of roseville homes for sale.
One way to experience Oneness is through meditation. When you close your eyes and allow your mind to drop below actual act and above thought, then and there you touch being pure and perfect in consciousness. Having able to arrive on that state; prayer then, will be a complete word or thought on how you manage to navigate your entire world. Those are the instrumental events for every ascended masters; that is why they are allowed to ask for people’s wishes. They share the knowledge by giving or granting people’s desire. It is not magic; it is the real sense of how to be connected with the greater I Am. If you haven’t tried meditating; begin the journey to listen from within by opening yourself to the abundance of all that is one in concept; as you meditate for what is already rightfully ours.

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