Indigo Wings Int. Training

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Our Vision

After years of research, studies, training, education, and experience the partnership of Indigo Wings International has been developed to address some specific yet encompassing areas of the Alternative Coaching and Health field. For many years we have seen how truly amazing and powerful educators and healers have narrowed their view to a very focused area of study. This has allowed them to become brilliant in their field (see video. With that there often comes a sense that their way is the best or only way to achieve the most desirable outcome. In turn their students often become ‘followers’ with the same narrowed view as their mentor.

In our experience of EuroMillions Resultswe have found with as many tools there are available, there are as many different clients who are more receptive to one tool/skill over another Or who respond better when multiple tools/skills used. It is with that understanding in mind that we have developed our Training Program.

First we an provide training foundation, using skills that we feel can be used in practically every area of interacting with people - NLP Practitioner & Coaching. From Corporations to Parents these skills ,are truly universal and unmatched in way of tools they provide for interaction and communication. From there we expand our training options to venues more targeted to the Holistic and Alternative Health field. Because we are always expanding our knowledge and skills every training we offer is unique and provides a variety of skills that build off our NLP Practitioner & Coaching Training. Please visit our Training Options page for details on what skills we currently offer trampolines.
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