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**Please Note this area is just beginning to take shape. There is already has some great stuff so take a look but I will be adding a lot more as time permits so be sure to bookmark it and come back often.**

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I do not think that I will ever be hired to be a website builder since I have knowledge only in how to run a computer and install the basic software.

This page is a navigation portal for Great Marketing and Business options, information, tips, products, sites and more, that I have found useful on my journey. After researching the internet for several months in an attempt to try to figure out the best way to promote our Training company online. I have learned A LOT and I’m learning more all the time. So these pages are going to be a place where I can share what I have learned and continue to learn. Along with some added information I have learned over the years as a Business Success Coach and from running my own business.

First let me say If it is on My Site I have tried to check it out and will be as descriptive as possible about what it is. Part of the purpose of doing these pages were to save others time from all the footwork I had to do. There is a lot of hype out there from people trying to sell their ‘perfect’ business or product online. This area is to try to get separate the hype from the reality.

With that being said - some of the programs, or offers you will find Will be affiliate links - meaning I get credit if you join. However, I will make it clear up front - and describe how the affiliate option works so you can benefit from it as well. Almost all of my affiliate links are for Free advertising - so what I get is more Free Advertising. Win-win for both of us. Regardless I intend to Only post things I found useful or worth trying. I will try to list the pros and cons as well. These will be my opinions of coarse but I will do my best to stay on track without a lot of baggage.

One of the most discouraging things I have found so far, throughout my search on the net is the lack of accurate, honest, straightforward information about a product or program. Some of the greatest programs I’ve found, had only the average hype so I almost didn’t join because of it. It is amazing how some programs can have lengthy pages about their program or product and say absolutely nothing about it and others say nothing at all hoping you will just ‘join’ to see what it is. Trust me I have wasted a LOT of time and even to a degree money on the hype. That is why I wanted to do this for my trainees or anyone else out there who was looking for REAL advice about a product or program.

Lastly, most of these programs require a website to use to promote your business. In general people won't respond just to an email. Please check out our Webmaster Tools page to find out more about options you have for Free or a Low Cost website. Even if you have a 'company' website designed by the best one in Milwaukee Tech Support from the business you are involved with, if you can't manipulate it to ad things on your page you may want to check out this area.

Free & Low Cost Advertising/Marketing Options:

My Favorites are handbags /
Groups-Communities/ Classified Ads & Rotation Ads/ Auctions / Blogs-Articles
Directories / Submission Tools / E-books / Click for Hits / Other

Great Free Tools or Links

My Favorites / Free Tools
Webmaster Tools / Information Sites

Free Ebooks - Reports

Members Only

Special Note for those who think they have a product or program that would be of interest to this list:
I Look at your offers under these conditions ONLY.
1. It must be a marketing tool or business promotion tool of some kind.
2. It’s main purpose must be for Above and NOT to get others to sell it for their own ‘business opportunity’.
3. It must be FREE or *VERY low price.
4. You must send me the information in a PERSONAL email with your REAL contact email address.
5. You must tell me EXACTLY what the program is/does - cut to the chase, no hype - read some of my descriptions to see what I mean. Include costs if there are any (including upgrades to any ‘exclusive or pro’ memberships). If it is a ‘trial’ membership, include length of ‘trial’.
6. You must also include what YOU get out of it is me or my members join/purchase. You don’t have to give me the ins and outs of the business plan - just the basic sign up benefit you get.
*If it has a Fee I will NOT promote it unless I can try it for Free to tell my clients honestly what I think of it.