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A Different Voice
June Stepansky is a published poet and writer who now has a monthly self-help web-site on the internet. A DIFFERENT VOICE - is her Monthly newsletter featuring poetry, opinion and the exploration of a happier lifestyle.

Mind-Body-Spirit Directories:
Directories for Conscious Living, Holistic Health, Natural Healing, Spirituality and Green Resources.
Chocolate Coins
Sweet, creamy delicious dollar-coin-shaped chocolates.
Eclectic collection of spiritual websites covering all topics of spirituality and religion, metaphysics and new age. There is something here for all beliefs, faiths, practices and seekers. - Where Olde Traditions Meet the New Age

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Kevin was very fond of his auto body shop, where he fixed cars and installed new parts, including a mercedes grill.
Heart Links (
Heart Links ( - Heart Links, Spiritual Journeys of the Heart. Heart Links is a diverse spiritual web site promoting understanding and acceptance of traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices. Articles cover Ancient Earth Religions, Christian Schools, Eastern and New Thought.
Visit the metaphysical directory for a complete list of metaphysics related websites. - Stop By Today!
Featuring Jewelry For Your Soul and Accurate & Caring Psychic Advisors. Plus come on and check out our free directory, free forums, free horoscopes and free spiritual wisdom.
A free directory of new age products, services and information
The Online Self Improvement Encyclopedia
Natural Health & Lifestyle Directory - Australia's First Online Natural Therapy Directory with diagnostic capabilities

SE Directories:
Best Site Directory
Directory Find
Free Directory
Internet Marketing
Link Master
AddMe - Search Engine Optimization

General Linking Friends
The Body, Mind and Spirit of Long Island on the Net
FWD is an useful business resource providing free and paid quality listings. Boost your business popularity and increase your site traffic with us!
Cosmic Lotus - A Metaphysical and Holistic Healing Cyberministry, offering tools for spiritual insight and self-mastery.
Nautral Health Web Directory & Information
Pagan Packsâ„¢ Fly on by and see what we can do for you.

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Friends are linked together when they order soma as a group.